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Challenge Winner



HitGard's patent-pending technology is a groundbreaking split-shell design consisting of an exterior upper and lower shell and an inner shell suspension system. 

The exterior upper and lower shells are connected by high-impact absorbing struts. Upon impact, the upper shell can move independently of the head, thus absorbing/dispersing direct impact forces before the energy is transmitted to the head.

The upper shell absorbs both linear and oblique impacts before returning to its original position.  

The inner shell suspension system is anchored to the exterior lower shell with high-impact absorbing materials. The player's head is fitted inside the inner shell which is surrounded by an air void and thus is independent from direct impact energy to the upper shell.

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Why a fundamental design change?


Impact forces must be better absorbed and dispersed to provide improved protection against concussive and repetitive sub-concussive hits. Conventional helmets consist of a one-piece shell with layers of absorbing material where the impact forces are ultimately directed to the player's head. It's time to rethink conventional helmets and introduce a new breakthrough design to provide better protection for players. 


The NFL & Duke University recognized the HitGard split-shell helmet technology as "an innovation which has the potential to improve sports safety". As a winner of the Head Health Tech Challenge II program, the HitGard brand was awarded funding and support for continued design advancements with a production release as the end goal.


Next Generation

Design in Helmet


Inner shell suspended inside air void

Lower shell anchored to inner shell with high impact absorbing material.

Upper shell withstands and absorbs both linear and oblique impacts

High Impact absorbing Struts(4)

Move independently of lower and inner shell

Increased Airflow

Lightweight compared to 

competitors currently on the market.

Lab testing indicated HitGard ranked in the top tier performing group in 3 major independent accredited lab facilities with our generation 1 design, outperforming most helmets on the market in reducing the linear and rotational acceleration of the brain.

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HitGard generation 2 design currently in the works with an expected completion sometime in early 2021. Our newly expanded team brings critical knowledge and new technology to the table to help optimize the performance of this revolutionary new helmet design.

Who We Are:


Bob Bayer

Founder & CEO Baytech Products.

Inventor of the HitGard technology.

Cornell University, mechanical engineering.

Holds 15 patents related to medical products. Started up two medical device manufacturing companies.

"The HitGard Science Team"


Brad Maloney

Founder & CEO Helmet Comp, Inc., Baytech Partner. Co-developer of the HitGard technology. Helmet technology designer and product developer since 2001, Helmet Comp develops new component technology for OEM helmet brands within the military, action-sports, industrial, and team sports industries. Creator of the IsoFit, InverseClip, CinchLock, and Goggle Grip brands.


David Kittle

Founder & CEO of Endeavor Design.  

Savannah College of Art and Design graduate in Industrial Design with 15 years of experience designing and developing innovative products for some of the most well-known brands in the world including Coleman, Tiffany and Co, Aerobed and Little Tikes.

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